Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm Staying Put

This is a much delayed follow up to my previous post regarding the resignation of four members of Greensboro 101's editorial board....

There was plenty of discussion a few weeks ago about the resignation of four members of Greensboro101's editorial board. I like and respect all four of the board members who resigned, and I understand the reasons for each person's decision.

I arrived at a different decision and am remaining on the editorial board.

I would have preferred for Roch to consult his editorial board either before he enabled an anonymous upload of the RMA report or immediately after it was uploaded. He apologized publicly for his actions, and that was good enough for me.

The content and tone of Roch's letter reflect maturity and a lack of defensiveness. Roch was under a lot of fire when he posted that apology, and I am impressed with his ability to reflect on his actions and admit he would do things differently.

I support the RMA report being released to the public with any appropriate redactions to protect sensitive information such as the names of confidential informants. I have not read the posted report (only due to limited free time), but the consensus of those I know who have read it is that any posted sensitive information had reached the public domain previously.

Greensboro101 has been a significant and positive influence on Greensboro and its blogging scene, and Roch deserves almost all the credit for that. He addressed any qualms I had with a public apology.

Ultimately, my decision to stay on Roch's editorial board was fairly easy.

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