Monday, March 12, 2007

Sidney Lowe

Sidney Lowe may be the perfect coach for today's college game. He showed smarts and guts as a player, getting the most out of the talent around him. And he is one of the few college coaches who has the entire NBA on speed dial, a considerable asset when recruiting top talent.

Although they were picked last in the ACC this year, the Wolfpack showed flashes of great play with wins over Carolina and Virginia Tech during the regular season. Their ACC tourney was even better. I will always remember their remarkable guts and stamina as a reflection of their coach.

You don't have to be around Sidney Lowe long to realize he is long on charm. He has a winning combination of boiling intensity and an easy smile, much like a former NC State coach.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Carolina Finds Its Heart

Carolina did everything right.

The Tarheels controlled the tempo, played with great defensive intensity, shot 58% from the field, 60% from behind the arc, and made 23 of their 24 free throws. That performance should have allowed them to blow N.C. State out of the gym, right?

It wasn't that easy.

After Carolina built a 16 point lead only six minutes into the second half, the game could have been over. The Wolfpack, playing for the fourth straight day, overcame exhaustion in a slow but steady comeback, cutting the lead to three with 74 seconds left.

Critics and fans of Carolina have noted the Tarheel's lack of intensity during the last two months. Today, Carolina's intensity reached its peak to beat an outmanned N.C. State team playing strictly on heart.

Keep an eye on Carolina as it moves through the NCAA tournament. Roy Williams may have to give Sidney Lowe a game ball for helping his team realize how good it can be when it plays that hard.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, John

Almost exactly one year ago, Kristen was about to give birth to our little boy, John. His delivery was so smooth, especially compared to the delivery of our first child, Sarah. She showed her defining stubbornness even before she made it into the world.

John's first year has been very different than Sarah's. She has always been very petite - he is built like a redwood stump. It took her awhile to crawl and pull up - he has been going full speed for a few months. I noted her stubbornness - he has a perpetual smile on his face.

There is no point dwelling on comparing children, but I have loved having a second child just as much as our first.

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