Thursday, February 10, 2005

Five On Eight

Critics of Duke basketball and Coach K frequently claim that officials lean in favor of the Blue Devils during games at Cameron. I have found that to be true to some extent, although I am not sure they get more calls at home than most teams get at home.

In last night's game against Carolina, the refs swallowed their whistles on the last three key plays. Sean May tipped in a basket to narrow Duke's lead to three. The ball was obviously in the cylinder, and the zebras missed it. On Duke's ensuing possession, DeMarcus Nelson was clobbered and lost the ball, but no foul was called. The resulting break was converted into a lay up by Rashad McCants, who led with a knee into J.J. Redick's chest. That knee will almost always draw a charging call.

As a NC State alum, I had no dog in last night's fight. Perhaps I was leaning toward Carolina to win, but I am glad that Duke's victory was preserved. It would have been a shame for them to lose the game due to three lousy no-calls in the last minute.


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