Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Happy Birthday Rotary

Rotary International turned 100 today. As the world's oldest service organization, Rotary conducts the largest private scholarship program in the world, and it has led the charge to eradicate polio from the earth.

The standard joke is that Rotary is a group of old men....and their fathers. The truth is that Rotarians come in all ages, backgrounds, and at least two genders. I am fortunate to be the assistant governor for the eight Rotary clubs in Greensboro. That allows me to witness those clubs' many projects up close.

Guilford Rotary is supporting an orphanage in Panama. Greensboro Rotary has established a hospice in Moldova. Crescent Rotary is supplying four mechanical cows that convert soybeans into soy milk in Peru. And all eight clubs support dozens of local groups. The eight clubs also combined to donate around $35,000 to tsunami relief efforts.

You can read more about Rotary at the News & Record's newest blog, Biz Buzz. Business writer Dick Barron, who is also a Rotarian and friend, has more info about Rotary there.


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