Thursday, March 03, 2005

Feeling Blue

NYPD Blue arrived twelve years ago with a lot of buzz. Many ABC affiliates refused to show the first few episodes, and conservative groups protested it even before they had seen an episode.

The buzz was created because the show used foul language and had some shots of bare butts. The show had these devices to create some sensation, to be sure, but also to demonstrate that these cops were real people.

Lead detective Andy Sipowicz, constantly plagued by tragedy and his own demons, anchored the show. Andy was played by actor Dennis Franz, who won an unprecedented four Emmys for a lead role in a dramatic series. Sipowicz ranks as one of the great characters in tv history.

12 years and 20 Emmy awards later, the show ended its run on Tuesday. The producers wisely avoided the fantastic or sappy ending. I knew it was the final episode, but I was left with the feeling that the detectives would be back at the 15th precinct Wednesday morning catching bad guys.

I stayed with the show for all 12 years, and I know I will miss it.


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