Monday, April 04, 2005

Final Pick

In tonight's NCAA championship game, I like Carolina to take its first title in 12 years and to remove a certain hairy primate from Coach Roy Williams' back.

Illinois and Carolina are extremely talented and have been the best two teams in the country all season. It is just that they play to decide the title.

Each team has its star players. Carolina has an edge inside, and Illinois has an edge outside. Both coaches are more than capable and have had seasons deserving of a championship finish.

I like Carolina to win because I think they are more likely to get a great performance out of a less-heralded starter or player off the bench. It could be Jawad Williams - he was that performer in the win of Michigan State. But more likely, Marvin Williams will be that player tonight.

One deserving team will go home empty handed tonight. I am picking Carolina over Illinois, 81-75.


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