Friday, May 27, 2005

Thanks, Governor

The New Orleans Hornets, formerly of Charlotte, are having a tough time in their new host city. This season's 18-64 record was dismal, and they had the lowest average paid attendance in the NBA at 14,221 (their actual average attendance was around 9,000). They were also unable to secure a naming rights sponsor for their arena.

The low attendance and lack of sponsor triggers a clause in the contract the state of Louisiana used to lure the Hornets to New Orleans, so the state has to pay the franchise $2.3 million. I bet that tastes good to the tax payers.

Let's see, Govenor. You brought the worst team in the NBA to a city that does not want to watch them and to an arena no one wants to sponsor, and we have to pay the team for that privilege. Gee, thanks.


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