Friday, June 03, 2005

Chewie Does It Again

Chewie has done it again.

Her Going To Spain essay was already one of the best pieces of writing around these parts. Now she has penned a very special birthday message for her dad. I wish I had just a fraction of her talent for translating her thoughts into such beautiful language.

I share Chewie's feelings about the importance of developing self-esteem in young women. Growing up, some of the sharpest women I knew allowed themselves to be door mats to men. I never understood it, but I decided then that I would not allow that to happen to my wife or any daughters we might have.

When our little Sarah was born, some male friends lamented that they "knew" I wanted a boy, but I would grow to love my daughter. I was shocked at those comments, because I was thrilled to have the opportunity to rear a girl into a strong woman.

I think Chewie's dad and I might just get along.


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