Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Whad'Ya Know?

Saturday, my mom and I went to Roanoke to attend Whad'Ya Know?, a popular public radio show. It is the show's 20th anniversary, so they are road tripping to three cities. Roanoke was the first stop.

Michael Feldman has a knack for embracing a community and its quirks, then making light of that community in a way that even the locals like. It is a real gift.

We also saw Whad'Ya Know? three summers ago at their home base in Madison, WI. That was fun, too, but I liked watching Michael interview the locals in Virginia when they discussed the War of Northern Aggression and the history of the banjo.

It's too bad that WUNC removed Whad'Ya Know? from their schedule a couple of years ago. It is a loss for the station and its listeners.

***UPDATE*** Jerry Bledsoe correctly points out that Whad'Ya Know? can be heard in Greensboro on WVTF (FM 89.1), who sponsored the show's visit on Saturday.


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