Monday, July 04, 2005


Golfers are notorious for talking about what they could have scored instead of what they did shoot. It is sort of like the big one that got away for fishermen.

Last week I indulged myself a bit and described a round where my ball striking was great, but I made literally no putts and shot 71. Today was different.

My ball striking was fine, but not as great as last week. However, my putter was hot and I made five birdies from 2', 14', 25', 30', and 20'. Even though I hit four fewer greens than last week, I shot 69 (-2). It was my first round in the 60's in four years, and it sure felt good.

This is exactly why the PGA tour is largely a putting contest. No matter how well the pros hit the ball, they have to putt well go low.


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