Sunday, July 24, 2005


When Kristen and I were in New York two weeks ago, we spent most of a day at MoMA. During our last two trips to NY, the museum was under renovation and had been temporarily relocated to Queens. Since we stayed within walking distance, a visit was a no-brainer.

MoMA has a Lee Friedlander exhibition through late August. Friedlander frequently injects humor into his photography by juxtaposing dissimilar items into a funny combination or taking odd self-portraits. As we viewed the exhibition, I thought of Chewie, Lenslinger, and TVPhotogBlog. I think they would have a particular appreciation for Friedlander's work.

MoMA also has an interesting exhibition on Cézanne and Pissarro. The two were close friends in the late 19th century. Their free exchange of subjects and methods created a series of paintings and drawings allowing even the most casual observer to compare their works. The exhibition runs through the middle of September.


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