Thursday, July 14, 2005

Our Favorite Day

Two years ago tonight, Kristen was trying hard to get our little Sarah into the world. Sarah was small (born 4lb, 15oz) and she was in an asynclitic position (head tilted to the side). This caused Kristen a lot of discomfort and pinched Sarah's umbilical cord with every contraction.

Kristen's doc, Dr. Taavon, is a cool customer. That was reassuring as we moved quickly to the operating room at Women's Hospital. Even more reassuring was my mom, who pulled double duty as grandmother-to-be and our labor and delivery nurse.

At 10:33pm, little miss Sarah came out screaming, kicking, and peeing. All systems were in order right out of the gate. Come to think of it, she is still pretty good in all of those areas.

Everyone told us our lives would never be the same, and they were right. We now understand the joy she brings us with the smallest things she does - hugging our beagle, splashing around in the tub. learning to say Wolfpack.

July 14 may be known to some as Bastille Day. For Kristen and me, July 14 is the day our lives took a dramatic turn for the better.


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