Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Cover Your Eyes, Kids

The NC Senate passed the lottery bill yesterday in a particularly distasteful fashion. The bill had been two votes shy of a tie for some time, and the Senate was called back into session when two dissenters could not attend (one was sick, one was on his honeymoon), according to the News & Record's Doug Clark. Then Lt. Governor Bev Perdue broke the tie as the presiding officer of the NC Senate.

I am not a huge fan of the lottery and do not plan to spend my money on it, but I understand the arguments both for and against. I can live with the bill's passage, which I assumed would occur in the next couple of years anyway.

What really bothers me is elected proponents of the lottery claiming the lottery is for our children. If these so-called leaders really cared about our children, they would set a better example and not pass the bill in such an underhanded way, because they have sent exactly the wrong message to our children.

And they should be ashamed.


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