Sunday, January 08, 2006

Handy Woman

Part of preparing for our new baby's arrival is moving Sarah, our two and a half year old daughter, to her first big girl room. Kristen decided to convert an unused bedroom for that purpose. I asked her a few times if she wanted help, but she is very handy and wanted to handle it solo.

She did all of the wall repairs and painting, then she decided the six electrical sockets in the room would look better in white than cream. She replaced all of them - not just the face plates - she replaced all the sockets, too. That meant unwiring the (12) outlets and rewiring the new white sockets. I thought that was pretty cool until I realized she also modified a few of the bottom sockets, so the light switch would control them. That's when I was impressed.

I first met Kristen when she was 17, and she was regularly changing the oil in her car. A few years later, while on the way to my sister's wedding, she had a flat tire between Winston-Salem and Jamestown. She changed the tire the a rain/sleet a business suit.

I am working a list of honey-do's for her right now.


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