Sunday, May 28, 2006

Rest In Peace

We said goodbye to Ruth Thompson, my grandmother, this afternoon.

She was entombed at the mausoleum at Guilford Memorial Park, which her parents established on their land early in the twentieth century. The phrase "going home" fits her well, since she now rests a few hundred yards from her birthplace.

My grandmother was frequently irascible but capable of being very generous. Everyone at her funeral was thinking the same thing - how do you talk about her respectfully and honestly at the same time?

Luckily, Rev. Bill Bigham conducted the service. Bill grew up in a church my grandfather served as pastor, and he considered my grandfather a primary mentor. He also said my grandmother made him promise he would conduct her funeral every time they talked the last several years.

Rev. Bigham noted my grandmother's great ability to entertain but also said "She had to be in control....She was stubborn!" Everyone at the service got a good laugh at his honesty. He proved to be a real pro, and I know my grandfather would be proud.


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