Friday, November 26, 2004

A New Man

The lead story in today's News & Record is about Corporal Nick Sowers, who got to call his father Brian yesterday for Thanksgiving. Brian is a close friend and sponsored me into Crescent Rotary Club. Nick is also a friend of mine.

Before joining the Marines, Nick was hell on wheels. He raced motorcycles competitively, played ice hockey, and kayaked some of our country's toughest rivers. I used to worry that he was not only a thrill seeker, but might also be self destructive. I saw Nick before he shipped out to Iraq for his second tour, and he is now a solid, disciplined adult.

There has been plenty of analysis about the US invasion of Iraq on a macro level, but much less on a micro level. Like many others, Nick Sowers has developed into a fine young man, and the Marine Corps has been his finishing school.


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