Friday, January 28, 2005

Women Are Smarter Than Men

Or, at least my wife is smarter than I am.

Kristen called me at 6pm, just as I was leaving my office. She said she needed me to pick up a couple of items: skim milk, whole milk, and French bread. I teased her about saying a couple of items, then listing three, so I got a chuckle over her attempt to be clever with me. I did not realize how clever she was.

Twenty minutes later, as I approached the Adams Farm Harris-Teeter, it finally hit me: she tricked me into going to the store for bread and milk the night before a winter storm. The full realization of what she did registered as I parked 200 yards from the store, almost on Mackay Road.

So, I admit it. Her diversionary tactic allowed me to feel superior for a few minutes, but I turned out to be the dope standing in line with bread and milk.

I surrender.


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