Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hoggard Twofer

I saw David Hoggard briefly last night at the News & Record for the blog discussion with Dave Winer (more about that later). As always, he was a thoughtful contributor to the discussion.

My morning at work got off to a terrible start at work. We had major problems with a high-pressure order. But, my day was about to change.

Shortly after realizing those problems at work, I met Jinni, David's wife, for the first time. As beautiful as she is in the pictures at her blog, you should experience her in person. Jinni is battling breast cancer, but she maintains a wonderful smile and positive attitude that turned my day around 180 degrees.

Jinni has chronicled her battle against breast cancer in the N&R and at her blog (click on What's Up With Jinni?). She has provided both technical details of her treatments and the emotional impact of cancer.

She is a brave lady, and I know she has had a positive impact on many in our community by sharing her personal story. Now, she has had a positive impact on me directly.

Jinni Hoggard is the woman.


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