Sunday, March 06, 2005

Maybe I Need Help

I grew up in a true ABC (anybody but Carolina) family. My grandfather went to Duke. My mother and aunt attended Wake Forest. My youngest sister and I spanned ten years and three degrees at State. That means I cannot like Tarheel basketball.

But I do.

I really dig Carolina's basketball team this year. I love the way they play defense. I like the inside-outside balance of their offense. I like the way they rebound. I like and respect their coach, Roy Williams. I respect the fact that for the most part, they play hard and avoid taunting their opponents.

I know my Wolfpack friends will plan an intervention for me shortly.

Perhaps it is because the Wolfpack has not been nationally competitive for 15 years. Perhaps my wife, a UNC-Chapel Hill alum, has worn me down. Maybe I have lost my mind.

But I really do like this Carolina team. Maybe I need help.


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