Sunday, March 06, 2005

Tonight Is The Night

For Herb Sendek, it has all come down to one game.

His NC State men's basketball team completes its regular season schedule tonight at home against #4 Wake Forest. A win leaves the Wolfpack at 8-8 in the conference and makes them the fourth seed in next weekend's ACC tournament. Going 0.500 in the country's best league, with significant injury and illness problems throughout the season, is probably good enough to get the Wolfpack into the NCAA tournament.

A loss tonight leaves the Wolfpack 7-9 in the conference and makes them the #7 seed in the ACC tournament. There only hope of making the NCAA tournament would be to make it to the finals of the ACC tournament, likely having to upset #6 Duke and #4 Wake Forest to get there.

Preseason expectations for this Wolfpack squad were the highest in over a decade. The season has already been a disappointment, but Herb can salvage some small victory with a victory tonight. A loss will probably seal Herb Sendek's fate, whether he loses his job in a few weeks or a year from now.

Herb, it has come down to one game.


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