Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Yes! Weekly Goes Bloggy

Yes! Weekly sends out some serious bloggy love in its current edition. Between its cover shot and its feature story, Yes! and editor Brian Clarey bring the local blogging scene into focus.

The feature story includes interviews with Ed Cone and Roch Smith, Jr. as well as coverage of last week's Meetup and the News & Record's participation in the blogosphere. Clarey does an excellent job of covering a lot of blog ground coherently in his article, so click on over and give it a read.

Yes! also devotes this week's top ten list to local bloggers. You will see several obvious choices....and then me. I don't think of myself as one of the best in our area. Yes! describes me as an average Joe, but I appreciate them noting my blog - it's hard to feel too average on a list of otherwise impressive bloggers.

*** UPDATE ***

I had a chance to read Brian Clarey's article again tonight, this time without all the normal distractions of my office.

Clarey did an excellent job of capturing bloggers' sense of community and the fact that blogs mean different things to different people. It is hard to describe blogs to the uninitiated, but Clarey did a very good job of just that.

Luna Cone is going to be pissed about being called a brown poodle. I am pretty sure she is a Portuguese water dog.

I have already received email telling me not to let my wife see the picture of me in Yes! Maybe the picture does not show my best side, but I am not sure I have a best side. She already knows that.


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