Monday, June 06, 2005

Ed Cone Gets Busy

There has been plenty of debate about John Robinson's decision not to renew the News & Record's contract with the NY Times. Since the Times bundles its opinion columnists with its news service (which holds minimal value to the N&R), I understand his decision. Like so many others, though, I will miss Tom Friedman, particularly since his column will no longer be free at the Times' site.

What is even more curious to me is why the N&R continues to run a weekly opinion column by Charles Davenport Jr. I am glad that the N&R is committed to running columns from an assortment of viewpoints, and I enjoy reading most of their columnists irrespective of their political slant. But surely the N&R can find a more capable and intelligent local conservative writer, perhaps on a junior high school newspaper staff.

Ed Cone is known for his pithy posts. Yesterday, Ed tapped a few more keys and demonstrated that Davenport helped make the case against his own thesis.

Davenport's web site describes him as "unapologetically conservative." He needs to apologize not for being conservative, but rather for being consistently intellectually dishonest.


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