Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sad Day

Blumenthal's, the landmark retailer in downtown Greensboro, is selling out the store today. Soon they will move to a plain-jane location on West Market Street, only a few miles but light years from the Elm Street location they have called home for 79 years.

Like most Greensboro natives, I have shopped at Blumenthal's since childhood. I will probably visit their new location, but it will not have the same draw as their downtown store.

Such is the price for "progress." I am a big supporter of the rebirth of downtown Greensboro, but this part of the deal is sad.

***Bonus Fact***

My family continues to rib me 35 years later at my earliest attempts to pronounce Blumenthal's. Think "Blue-Menthols"


Lenslinger has additional thoughts about the closing of Blumenthal's longtime location.


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