Sunday, July 17, 2005

Champion Golfer Of The Year

Tiger Woods won the British Open today by five shots, the largest margin of victory in a major championship since he won the same tournament five years ago. Tiger now has 13 major championship titles, only seven fewer than his idol Jack Nicklaus.

Nicklaus played his final Open this weekend and had an emotional conclusion to his competitive career. He has now played a farewell tournament at each of the four professional majors, and Woods won all four of those tournaments.

In the first three professional majors of this year, Tiger placed first, second, and first. He will go after the final professional major of the year next month. A win would make him the first golfer to win at least three major titles in a single season twice.

Jack Nicklaus is still the greatest golfer in history based on his number of major championship victories, but I expect a healthy Tiger Woods to surpass Nicklaus' 20 majors in about five years.


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