Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Cult In The Triad

Chris Short sent an email to several Triad bloggers with a link to a brave post about his time spent in a cult as a child. That cult, known at various times as Human Service Alliance, University for Human Goodness, and Center for Purposeful Living, is based near the Forsyth-Guilford county line.

Chris has followed up his initial post with additional information about the cult. Most of the second post is sourced from a "Quincy", who has first-hand experience with the cult, too.

I recall either the IRS or the NC Department of Revenue investigating this group's not-for-profit status a few years ago. They operate the California Fresh Buffet restaurant in Winston-Salem with almost exclusively volunteer labor, and I think there was a question about how the profits were being applied.

I suggest we all steer clear of this group and its restaurant.


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