Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Rhino Blues

Last week's YES! Weekly covered the exodus of employees from the Rhinoceros Club about three weeks ago. The former employees claim they left after their repeated requests for back pay were ignored.

The Rhino was a great club for a long time, and I enjoyed a membership there for many years. Members were issued keys to unlock the bar's front door, and they were almost always greeted warmly by owner John Rudy (now the owner of Cafe Europa).

I still recall a January night over a decade ago when I entered the club with my key, only to be accosted by the new owner or manager. He demanded proof I was a member, as if opening a locked door with a member-issued key was not a big enough clue.

After a couple more bad experiences at the Rhino, I turned in my key and never returned. It was clear things that a great bar was in decline, and the new sheriff in town was an asshole.


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