Friday, September 02, 2005

Bryan Park Golf Course Facelift

Bryan Park has announced that it will renovate and restore the greens and bunkers on its Players Course starting next week. The work is needed, because the greens and bunkers have been no better than mediocre for the past few years.

The greens will be restored to their original shapes and sizes and seeded with a mixture of two newly developed types of bent grass that do very well in our climate. The bunker work will involve replacing the sand and increasing the bunkers' ability to drain water.

The history of renovations at Bryan Park is cause for concern. The Champions Course renovated its greens in 2000-2001, and it did not turn out well initially. The seeding effort failed on some greens, and they had to be sodded. Then the course reopened before the sodded areas were ready. It took a couple more years for those greens to come around.

Let's hope this upcoming work will restore a golf course that has the potential to be pretty good.


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