Saturday, September 24, 2005

Interview With The Gate Keeper

The Gate City blog recently celebrated its first birthday. In honor of this event, the Gate Keeper granted an email interview recently. Part 1 of the interview appears below (his answers are in italics).

1) Why do you blog anonymously? Are you someone famous or important?

I am neither important nor famous. Gate is rather self-conscious about his looks and prefers to be hidden in the shadows.

2) Are you really Patrick Eakes (not that he is famous or important)?

I am not Patrick Eakes but he is sometimes me. Patrick is part of the editorial board of Gate City Blog and has been known to contribute from time to time. We wish we were Patrick, but then, who wouldn't? He has the American Dream - a great wife, a cute daughter, his own business, and a dog. Gate wants a dog.

3) Sometimes you say "I" and sometimes you say "We". How many Gate Keepers are there?

I, We, it is all the same thing. Gate Keeper's real name is Legion, and they number, well, not in the thousands, but about half a dozen, give or take.

4) You have mentioned that you see MF occasionally. Does MF know about your blog and if so, what does she think about it?

Of course MF knows we blog, she comments from time to time. MF also has full editorial control. At any time she can have a post pulled just by batting her eyes, smiling, or sending an e-mail saying, "Take down that post." MF has to be one of the coolest, if not the coolest, women in Greensboro. This Gate is lucky she even talks to him, even more so that she is a friend. I think she likes the blog. I hope it makes her smile from time to time. She has a nice smile.

5) Is Jim Melvin the Gate Keeper?

Jim Melvin is not the Gate Keeper. But we want our own bobblehead, though. His is cool.

6) How many meetups have you been to?

We have been to two meetups.

7) John Robinson comments some at your blog. Are you a News & Record employee and that requires anonymity?

We are flattered JR reads our blog. He is the man. But we are not an employee, though some of us await an offer. Gate thinks we can be better than Davenport but cheaper than Friedman.

8) Is Ed Cone the Gate Keeper?

Gate does not belong on the same internet as Ed Cone. He is the blogfather. I am only Fredo.


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