Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Michelle Wie Turns Pro

ESPN is reporting the worst kept secret in sports this year: Michelle Wie is turning pro. Many of the details of her decision have been reported for over a month in Golfweek, including the timing of her first tourney as a pro and that the William Morris Agency will represent her.

The Wie family requested a no commission deal with a guaranteed $15 million per year from the agency, but it appears they settled on a number closer to $10 million (no word on the commission yet). Wie has also hired future hall of famer Juli Inkster's caddie, a critical part of any future success.

What we know is that Wie has immense golf talent. What we do not know is if she can elevate her game high enough to play well when it is a business, the cameras follow her even more than they do now, and demands on her time increase.

She would do well to make friends with people like Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam, who might be willing to take her under their wings.


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