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Local Web Portal to Consolidate Relief Efforts for Gulf Evacuees

Greensboro, NC - - September 5, 2005 - - Triad organizations, individuals, and businesses have created a centralized Web portal to address aid for incoming evacuees from the Gulf Coast. NCDisasterAid.org is the point site for distributing up-to-date information about how citizens can help in the relief effort.

Volunteer information collected from NCDisasterAid.org will be distributed to the appropriate organizations, including the United Way of Greensboro and the Red Cross. A number of local congregations are participating and the site has a form where clergy can sign up to volunteer.

NCDisasterAid.org’s community bulletin board allows Triad residents to exchange information. Organizations are encouraged to use this forum to share fund-raiser events and other activities specifically to benefit displaced Gulf Coast residents who have come to North Carolina.

Although it is not known yet how many evacuees Greensboro might be asked to shelter, site organizers felt it was important to have a plan in place in order to accommodate them as quickly and comfortably as possible.

“Regardless of how many people come to Greensboro initially,” says John Bletch, Associate Pastor at Christ United Methodist Church, “there are going to be both short-term and long-term housing issues for hurricane victims evacuated to North Carolina. With the enormity of this disaster, we need to co-ordinate with community groups to ensure we treat everyone who comes here with dignity and care.”

Bletch is one of several Greensboro citizens spearheading NCDisasterAid.org. Under the guidance of TechTriad’s Sue Polinsky and Carolinanet’s Nicky Smith, a dedicated group of technology professionals began putting the site together as soon as word got to Greensboro that evacuees could be on the way. The outpouring of volunteer technical expertise has been significant.

Bletch says, “The various community agencies will start posting links to our site directing those wishing to use an online tool to register as a volunteer. Thanks to the Web design and programming skills this group has at its disposal, our community has a centralized place for finding the best ways to help.”

Triad residents interested in volunteering, joining the online discussions, and/or keeping up with relief efforts are encouraged to visit NCDisasterAid.org frequently.

For more information, contact:
John Bletch
Project Manager, NCDisasterAid.org
Tel: (336) 299-1571 ext. 307
Mobile: (336) 362-3307

Web Site:


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