Monday, September 05, 2005

The Song Remains The Same For The Wolfpack

Last night's game against the Virginia Tech Hokies produced mixed results for the NC State Wolfpack. The offense is improved and more innovative and the defense remains talented, but the team's lack of discipline continues to more than offset those positive areas.

The Wolfpack took its first possession down the field in an impressive drive for a touchdown. The mix of short passes and running kept the Hokie defense on its heels. For the rest of the game, the Wolfpack played as at least the equal of the #8 Hokies, but needless penalties allowed Virginia Tech to outscore NC State.

It seemed that every time the Wolfpack made a key defensive stop to force a punt, it committed a personal foul to extend the Hokie's drive that would result in a score. The Wolfpack also committed offensive infractions that hindered their own drives.

This tendency to commit too many penalties, particularly of the 15 yard personal foul variety, led to the Wolfpack's dismal 5-6 record last year. NC State simply does not have the kind of superior talent that will allow it to commit so many penalties and still win, a la Miami or Florida State teams in the 1990's.

Coach Chuck Amato has stated that reducing penalties is job one this year. If so, he has a long way to go to achieve a passing grade.


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