Monday, October 03, 2005

Double Eagle

During a golf match yesterday afternoon, one of my playing partners announced midway through the back nine that he was going to play the rest of the way in seven under par. That would be a bold statement anywhere, but it was particularly so playing the back tees at Sedgefield.

Dude birdied the next two holes, which got my attention. Then on #15 he knocked a five iron in the jar from 205 yards for a double eagle, the rarest of all feats in golf (a one in six million occurrence). He birdied two of his last three holes after that to finish in guessed it... seven under par. It was incredible golf and better than anything you could have seen at Forest Oaks yesterday.

Although still an amateur, this young man is playing his first professional event during the next three days at Sedgefield. He should have all the confidence in the world.


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