Monday, September 26, 2005

Interview With The Gate Keeper - Part 2

The Gate City blog recently celebrated its first birthday. In honor of this event, the Gate Keeper granted an email interview recently. Part 2 of the interview appears below (his answers are in italics). You can also see the part 1 here.

9) Your RSS feed does not seem to be working anymore. Why did you turn it off?

Our feeds are off. Its part of my effort to keep things real. Some called us hypocritical when we said we blog for us (and MF.) The easiest way to refute that was to turn the feeds off so people had to actually search out the blog rather than have it right there in front of them. That is true Alternative Media, buddy. Our hits have not gone down, either. They have actually increased.

10) What happened to stories about your god son?

You are right, I have not blogged my Godson or any of my other kids lately. Rest assured, they are great. I just saw him recently. Gate taught him to say, "What's happening hot stuff?" and "Hey, Chickie." I need to do an update soon.

11) Are you really Richard Florida?

This Gate is Republican, so I can't be Richard Florida. I also don't make my living promoting a fad I came up with while relieving myself.

12) Can you name the Super Seven for us?

The Super Seven is a state secret. We will say that its membership is not fixed. It changes from time to time. Currently it is composed of 4 blondes, 2 brunettes, and 1 redhead.

13) Where has Gate's Mailbag gone? Were those letters real?

The Mail Bag is overflowing and needs to be emptied. Currently the chick who checks the mail is on vacation. Expect it to return when she does. And yes, the letter are real. You should know that, you forward them to me.


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