Saturday, September 24, 2005

Wolfpack Falls Again

Carolina upset NC State today and exposed the Wolfpack faithful's annual tradition of believing the team is better than it really is. For many Wolfpack fans, losing to their arch rival is a stinging defeat. For me, the sting comes from losing to another very average team at home.

In head coach Chuck Amato's first four years as a head coach, he had at his disposal arguably the best offensive player in the history of the ACC. He managed only a 17-15 conference record during that time. Last year, he had the top rated defense in the country but suffered through a losing season.

Amato came to the Wolfpack from Florida State, whose great teams' hallmark was beating opponents while being undisciplined. The simple fact is that even with improved talent, NC State is not good enough to overcome boneheaded mistakes.

The Wolfpack regularly commits way too many major penalties, wastes its timeouts, and mismanages the clock when it matters most. Amato has not adjusted the coaching style he learned as an assistant coach at FSU to the talent he has at State, so his teams continue to lose games they should win.

Amato is an alum and a good salesman. That has allowed him a longer grace period than others might have, but soon he will have to show that he can instill some discipline in his team ... or he will be shown the door.


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