Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ed Williams On Wine

The News & Record dedicated three fourths of their Life cover page to wine yesterday. Wine guru Ed Williams provided a funny and informative glossary of wine terms in addition to his regular column. Reading his glossary made me think that some of his guests have made unwelcome advances on his reserve wines in the past.

That happened at my place one Christmas Eve. My (now ex) brother-in-law Rich ventured to our wine rack and over the course of the evening, opened five or six bottles that were the last of their particular lot. That experience is the primary reason I paid for a lock and key when I bought a wine cellar a few years later.

I hope that Ed will start a wine blog. It seems like a natural niche for a blogger to explore. He might be surprised at the number of wine enthusiasts that would appreciate his insights.

One minor quibble with the funny illustrations: the guy in the wine bottle should not be holding a martini glass.


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