Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mike Krzyzewski Is A Bully

Kudos to CBS Sportsline's Gregg Doyel for saying what need to be said: Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski is a bully.

Coach K has the foulest mouth in basketball, and he beats on officials from the time the ball goes up until the final horn. I have seen many games at Cameron, and it's not pretty.

Most hoops fans accept that home teams get a few extra calls, but Duke does better than that. They not only get most of the calls at home, they get them on the road, too. When they won a tough game at Boston College last week, Duke took 20 more free throws than BC. No team can overcome that disadvantage.

You might be wondering about allegiances. I graduated from NC State, and I am a loyal Wolfpack fan. However, I was reared a Duke and Maryland fan - my grandfather graduated with both his undergraduate and divinity degrees from Duke, and we used to live next door to Maryland head coach Lefty Driesell.

What I really like is teams that play well, play hard, and are classy. I even found myself really liking last year's Carolina team, and that started with Roy Williams. Coach K used to complain about Dean Smith's behavior. Now K should look to Carolina and try to emulate the fiery, but classy, Roy Williams.

(Nod to buddy Brian for the Sportsline article)


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