Friday, February 10, 2006

Mr. Kettle, Meet Mr. Pot

Yes! Weekly's editor Brian Clarey apparently made a mistake about the founding of the Boy Scouts of America in a comment at Ed Cone's place. I suspect that Brian would be the first to acknowledge the mistake if pointed out to him in a constructive way.

But the Gate Keeper decided that he was not content simply to comment "Do some bloody fact checking before you end looking very foolish....Good God, Clarey, could you look any more ill informed on this subject? " at Cone's place. He decided Clarey's error was so egregious he had to compose an entire post taking Clarey to task and impugning Clarey's abilities as an editor, writing "Brian Clarey statement is completely false and is embarrassing to someone who calls himself and editor. How can he edit other people when he cannot even edit himself? "

I don't have to point out that Gate's post is completely over the top. What is funny is that Gate added some unintentional humor by posting his own urban legend about Jane Seymour below his post on Clarey. Sorry, Gate, but Jane Seymour was not the model for the Gerber's baby. That baby picture was sketched 23 years before she was born.

I will refrain from subjecting Gate to the same abuse he heaped on Clarey, but this might serve as a lesson to provide a little softer criticism in the future, even if it is anonymous.


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