Saturday, March 04, 2006

Wolfpack On The Skids

I almost posted a prediction that NC State would lose to the ACC's worst team, Wake Forest. I decided to ignore my more cynical inclinations and refrained from the post. However, the Wolfpack validated my thoughts and lost by 13 to Wake, who had managed only two conference wins all year before the Wolfpack laid its egg.

That means that State goes into post-season play as the coldest team in the league, unable to post a win in the final two weeks of the regular season. In the process, the Wolfpack lost a good chance to play its first two NCAA tourney games in Greensboro and probably moved into #1 Duke's half of the ACC tournament draw.

Typically, State has started slow then gotten in gear late in the season. This year was the reverse, and it was cruel to get Wolfpack fans hopes up so soon.


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