Thursday, April 20, 2006

Changes At The News & Record

The News & Record debuted its new look today, and I like it. The new font and additional white spaces are more attractive to my eyes, and I like the revamped front page. Keeping the focus on local news while providing recaps of a few national or international stories strikes me as the right balance up front.

Some of the changes seem to be targeted at younger readers, of which I am no longer a member. But I still like the run down on interesting things to do in Today's Starting 5 and other new features that will appear daily. And of course, their decision to bring back the New York Times opinion writers will be very popular. Slashing the stock listings was a no-brainer in an age where that information is everywhere I look.

I was part of a focus group a couple of weeks ago that previewed these changes. I agreed not to talk about the specifics of our discussion, but I noted that each person in the group gave an overall positive review of the changes.

I give the new N&R two thumbs up.


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