Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mr. Sun Steps Into The Light

Mr. Sun has stepped out from behind anonymity. He is Jim Rosenberg, longtime local funnyman and more recently a humor columnist for the News & Record.

Two years ago I suggested that Jim was the local resident most in need of a blog. Hogg replied that Rosenberg would be a bore. That seemed odd at the time, but now I know Hogg was having a laugh at my expense.

About a year ago, I read something Mr. Sun wrote, and it seemed familiar from a funny-as-hell daily email Jim used to write. I asked Jim if he was Sol, and he confirmed he was after extracting a 20-page non-disclosure agreement from me.

I will be curious to see if and how Mr. Sun's blog changes now that he is out. Either way, I look forward to more flares from Sunny Jim.


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