Friday, September 14, 2007

Two-Wheeled Barney

I was driving on I-40 West to Clemmons a little past noon yesterday when I noticed a blue light behind me. It was a motorcycle cop, so I immediately checked my speed - 71 mph - not too bad.

I was in the far left lane, and he aggressively waved me to the right. I assumed he needed to get by me...until he moved over with me. He waved me to the right again. We repeated that drill a couple more times until I got to the right shoulder.

Dude asked for my license, and then he asked forcefully if I was running late. I replied I might be five minutes behind schedule. He then asked me if I knew the speed limit with all the charm typical of that situation. I replied it was 65mph. Clearly growing impatient with me, he barked "No! What's the speed limit on Hwy 52?" I replied with a less-than-confident "55?"

He finally realized he pulled the wrong care over, perhaps because my license confiemed I live in Greensboro and probably had only taken I-40 on my drive. He shoved my license back at me, and said "Drive slower!"


With this help, I was now ten minutes behind schedule.


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