Monday, March 07, 2005

Deacon Thug

Earlier today a friend told me that he was disappointed that Wake Forest's men's basketball team had grown increasingly thuggish. He also said he attributed that change to Chris Paul. I did not completely understand his view of the Deacons and Paul, but Paul clarified my friend's opinions tonight.

Midway through the first half, Paul threw a jab into Julius Hodge's groin. Hodge spent the next three minutes on the floor holding his rocks. I am not sure if Hodge did anything to Paul before his punch, but it really doesn't matter. Paul's punch crossed the line, and he should have been ejected.

Julius Hodge pulled a similarly boneheaded move three years ago, jamming his elbow into the back of Steve Blake's head. Hodge was suspended for the next league game. Paul's punch merits similar action from the ACC, but I doubt the league will discipline Paul.

NC State lost the game because it shot 9-21 from the free throw line. The Wolfpack cannot claim it should have won. But, it was disappointing to see Paul not only stay in the game after his bush league move, but to see him hit a runner to win the game.


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