Thursday, March 10, 2005

Memo To Bud Selig

Congressional committee hearings into steroid use in baseball have taken an interesting turn. The committee has subpoenaed several famous current and former players, including Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Jason Giambi.

Major League Baseball is fighting the subpoenas, partly on the grounds that the committee is operating outside its jurisdiction. And yet MLB expects us to believe it is serious about cleaning up the game?

If the commissioner and the owners wanted to clean up baseball and its reputation, they would lay down the law with the players. They would have broad public support for that action, too. But MLB and its commissioner, Bud Selig, are so scared of this scandal coming into the mainstream public's focus, they will do anything to hide the problem.

Memo to Commissioner Bud -- After player strikes, threatened lockouts, strike zone manipulations, and inflated salaries, the fans you still have are lifers. The players could shoot up steroids at third base and those people would still be fans. Do your damn job and restore a little credibility to baseball.


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