Monday, March 14, 2005

Remembering Phil

Ed Cone's column in yesterday's News & Record describes the happiest moment of Ed's life, when Carolina upset defending NCAA champion NC State in the ACC tournament. That Carolina team was led by Phil Ford, the freshman phenom point guard.

During my 30+ years of watching ACC basketball, I rate Ford as the best Carolina player I have seen. Other Carolina alums went on to greater glory than Ford in the NBA, but no other player meant as much or played at such a high level as Ford while at Carolina.

He was the ultimate point guard: in complete control of the game's tempo, a good passer, an exceptional dribbler, a good shooter, and a good free throw shooter. He was the first player I saw who seemed to be a coach on the floor. That he did that as a freshman is even more amazing.

It hurts a bit as a Wolfpacker, but I have to give props to Phil Ford.


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