Friday, March 11, 2005

ACC Picks

Like most of our area, I will turn my full attention to the ACC tournament at noon today. So, here are my picks for today's games.

Carolina over Clemson: Sometimes we get exciting upsets in the tournament. This won't be one. Clemson's simply does not have the personnel to stay on the court with Carolina. Carolina puts this one away by early in the second half and wins by 20.

Georgia Tech over Virginia Tech: Battle between the schools I almost attended for graduate school. Georgia Tech is starting to play better, and they have gotten some good road wins in the last month. VPI has been largely ineffective away from home this year. GT by 10.

State over Wake Forest: This is the upset special. State needs the win to give itself a good shot at an NCAA bid, and they should still be pissed at Wake from the Chris Paul incident five days ago. Wake still has plenty of fire power to win, but State has better motivation, and Sendek has a good track record in these types of games. State by 5.

Duke over Virginia: A sad end for Pete Gillen in his last game as head coach at UVA. Duke is better than Virginia in every aspect of the match up. Duke by 25.


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