Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's Not TV, It's Is Crappy HBO

HBO has cranked up its original programming for the summer with the second season of Entourage and the debut of The Comeback. Let's just say I am a bit underwhelmed.

Entourage is okay - sort of a thirty minute version of Swingers. It is created by Marky Wahlburg, so I can allow some credit for being an authentic look at Hollywood and its hangers-on. And any show with Jeremy Piven is guaranteed some good laughs.

The Comeback stars Lisa Kudrow, who I thought would be the only Friend with much post-series success. Maybe she will find that, but not in The Comeback. The pilot was almost unwatchable, even for this Kudrow fan.

It has to be a tough job at HBO to develop replacements for The Sopranos and Sex and the City. Let's face it, HBO caught lightening in a bottle twice with those shows. But they have to do better than The Comeback - not funny and not fresh.


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