Thursday, July 07, 2005

Off To New York

The first time Kristen and I went to New York together was the day after TWA 800 went down. At that point, it was suspected that a bomb brought that plane down, and security at LaGuardia was very tight. I ripped a tag off a checked bag and was immediately confronted by an officer. Things had changed there overnight.

We are flying to New York in the morning, so I wonder if we will notice any differences only one day after the London bombings. The threat level for mass transit systems has been raised to orange (high), but we still plan to take a bus or sub/bus combo from LaGuardia to Midtown. We are tired of bickering with cabbies trying to screw us as soon as they hear southern accents.

We will also see our good friend Paola, who is a longtime NYC resident. She will be able to lend some perspective to what we see. I will report my observations when we get back.


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