Thursday, July 07, 2005

Damn Yankees - Part 2

Kristen and I had tickets for a game at Yankee Stadium last September. A week before the game was to be played, the Yankees decided to play the game three days earlier than scheduled, well before we would be in New York. They told me we could use our tickets for that game played earlier - a big help sitting in Greensboro.

After some begging by telephone and three more service charges (that is a total of six for those of you keeping score at home), we were able to exchange those useless tickets for the Yankees game against Cleveland tomorrow night.

So, we should be in good shape to see the game, right? Perhaps not.

The storm formerly known as Cindy is due to arrive in New York around the same timer we are. That should wash out the game and since we are flying with USAirways on a plane that resembles a tube sock with wings, the flight should be a delight, too.

Do you think it is possible the Yankees organization knows my heart really belongs to these guys?


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