Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Thoughts on 9/11

Tonight Kristen and I started watching the 9/11 special that was on the National Geographic channel earlier this week. So far, it has been impressive for its comprehensive research and providing background on 20 years of history that led to 9/11.

Allen Johnson reports that Discovery will run a special about the heroic actions of the crew and passengers on Flight 93 on the fourth anniversary of that doomed flight. I hope it will be as tastefully produced as the first part of the NG special we are watching.

Reading Allen's post made me think of a couple of items related to Flight 93. One of was a piece by Rick Reilly in the first Sports Illustrated published after 9/11. Reilly's article was personal and poignant.

The other is that Flight 93 almost crashed into a factory I have done business with for over a decade. Two employees at that company saw the plane just before it crashed 1/4 mile from the factory. They noted that the plane was inverted, a fact I have never heard reported.


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