Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Beach Blogging

My family and I are at North Myrtle Beach this week enjoying good friend Jane Martin's wonderful condo. Blogging on the road is a new experience for me, since I just got a Dell Inspiron 6000 (big virtual hug to Blogmama Sue for her help selecting and purchasing this notebook).

We arrived Saturday, and it was immediately evident that the Labor Day weekend crowd was much smaller than in past years. I guess the price at the pump killed the traffic, but the smaller number of people here is a good thing in my book.

Sarah is digging the pool, "big waves" in the ocean, and lots of room to run around. I am digging the slower pace and not answering the phone every 90 seconds.

Maybe I will figure out how to use this digital camera I have had for a year and post some pictures...


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